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You've probably been noticing a lot about meditation and mindfulness lately.

This is what we do: We transform leaders and executives using advanced meditation skills.

Why Meditation is Important for Today's High Performers

• You and most other people are using only a tiny fraction of your full potential.
• More of your potential (including feeling happier, more inspired, energised and productive) can be unlocked using techniques that are proven and easy to apply.
• It's easy to include meditation in your day. By spending 10-20 minutes a day (anywhere) doing what we teach, people not only become transformed, they become advocates.

How Do We Know This?

We apply proven mindfulness and meditation tools in the corporate setting to reduce stress, energise teams, unlock insight, tap into creativity and optimise decision making. The links between simple techniques regularly applied and enhanced cognitive function and mood are now well established by brain research. Phenomenally, the science suggests it's grey matter development and neural reorganisation underpinning these changes. We have applied and continue to apply what we teach in our own corporate careers.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect an innovative, refreshing, peer delivered, evidence based and highly effective experience. You will experience a unique mentored approach to support your sustained transformation, mastery and accrual of benefits. We assist organisations to propel individual excellence, job satisfaction and a more conscious engagement with stakeholders, including markets. Our programs are systematic and can be tailored to specific needs.

Who’s Behind Serenityworks?

Serenityworks was established in 2013 by Peter Coroneos.

In the 35 years before creating Serenityworks, Peter practiced, refined and applied the techniques that form the core of the executive performance program.

Qualified in science, education and law, he rose to leadership in 1997 as CEO of Australia’s then newly established Internet Industry Association, a position he held until mid 2011. An acknowledged international expert in cyber policy, Peter led the development of groundbreaking programs in areas ranging from child protection, broadband policy and cyber security. He pioneered the development of the icode scheme, now a model of international best practice in cyber threat mitigation.

Balancing the competing demands of a high pressure, high profile, politically charged career, he credits his capacity to maintain high levels of energy, creativity and enthusiasm on his ability to tap into deeper parts of his mind, accessing rejuvenation and inspiration.

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